Alpha Value Management is a licensed entity regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority under the Investment Services Act. It is set up primarily to carry on its business in Asset Management as well as Administration services to Collective Investment Schemes, such as UCITs, AIFs and Shariah Funds.

The company is also focused on Portfolio Management, Investment Advice and related services which are provided to High Net Worth Individuals and Institutional clients.

The company’s management team provides a variety of expertise and years of experience in the financial services sector, which in turn gives the company the required flexibility and innovation – attributes which are essential in today’s volatile business markets.

Alpha Value Management is run by professionals who understand the needs and expectations of their clients and in turn help them by offering a tailor-made, high-quality service.

The company’s expertise in wealth management and the Maltese financial law is a guarantee to its clients when it comes to yielding important, verifiable results

Our mission

The Company operates as an institution that specialises in:

  • Investment Management services for Collective Investment Schemes (UCITS and AIFs)
  • Portfolio Management, Investment Advice and other related services for private and institutional clients
  • Fund Administration services to Collective Investment Schemes in and from Malta
  • Ancillary services including Listing and Paying Agent Services in relation to bonds

The Company is committed to establishing and maintaining ongoing personal relationships with its clients, whilst offering global asset management services with world-class products.

The Company aims to guarantee:

The strategic objective pursued by the Company to have steady and balanced return in the long run, generating positive results during both the upswings and the downswings of the stock and bond markets.


Risk aversion is one of the main characteristics of the investment strategy used by The company.

Personalised Service

The Company is dedicated to understand and define the financial profile of each of its clients, in order to provide a personalised investment strategy based on the expectations, risk propensity, and time horizon of the individual client.


The Company’s private bankers and Portfolio Managers are constantly available to share their expertise and provide pertinent information to their clients namely offering a detailed description of the individual investment portfolio, and clearly identifying the asset allocation, risk levels, and exposure to exchange rate fluctuations, as well as providing updates on overall the performance.

Our vision

The Company considers Malta as a growing financial services hub and a reputable domicile for funds within the EU offering competitive alternatives to other EU fund jurisdictions.

With this rationale, the Company has identified the advantages of establishing its management structure in Malta ,being a well-regulated jurisdiction and offering a dynamic platform within which to locate one’s venture.

With the view of providing a more competitive service to private and institutional clients, the Company has set up a Maltese Management Company – in terms of the Investment Services Act (ISA), Chapter 370 of the Laws of Malta, and the applicable Investment Services Rules for Investment Services – primarily to carry on the business of asset management as well as to provide administration services to collective investment schemes.

Whilst anticipating a high level of growth in the financial services industry, the Company intends to promote Malta on the international arena as a financial services centre through its well-established network.

Keys to success


A main objective of the Company will be to guarantee peace of mind to its clients. Therefore, the Company is dedicated to protect the portfolios of its clients from the volatility of the market and ultimately to increase their wealth.


All services are provided by its specialists, who have trained at leading international financial institutions and possess the expertise and experience necessary to manage complex problems.


Wealth management activities are orientated to provide its clients with diversified risks and the possibility to view with clarity their individual portfolio’s assets and portfolio.